Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Small Spoons

So, it turns out that I have all sorts of funky eating habits and rituals that I was totally unaware of (as being odd) until I dated my last boyfriend.

Here are a few:
  • I'll only eat with the small silverware that comes in the set.
  • I don't eat leftovers unless it's Indian or Italian.
  • I like tomatoes but rarely eat them because I don't like to cut them.
  • When I eat a club sandwich, usually it's cut in thirds, I have to eat 1/3 first, then I can add ketchup to my plate for the fries.
  • I use ranch dressing on my steak (and, there are many who would be completely horrified that my steak is well done. Or, perhaps, they'd argue, that's why I use to the ranch to begin with.)
  • I have to have lots of pickles for my cheese burger and I will never eat a burger without cheese. (Good thing I'm not attempting to eat kosher!)
  • I don't eat seafood except for popcorn shrimp; and that only because its breaded and I drown it in cocktail sauce. 
  • I can't eat yogurt without having granola in it... It's a texture thing.
  • I don't like most cooked vegetables but love those same vegetables if they're raw.
  • I'm not a big fan of popcorn and if I were forbidden to ever eat peanut butter or chocolate again, I'd be okay with that. 
  • And, I'm sure that there are many more that slip my mind at the moment...
I'm not sure where it started or even why I do it. It was never something I really thought about until it was pointed out to me (in a funny and loving way) and now I find it a fantastically quirky part of my personality; one of those things that make me amusingly different. I guess I wasn't aware I was unusual when compared to my stepdad, who will joyfully put peanut butter on fried eggs or cheese. (gag!)

So, what are some of your quirky food habits? I know you have some... so spill!

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