Wednesday, April 18, 2012

K is for Kitty

I have the most beautiful of all beautiful kitties in the whole wide world. Her name is Isadora (aka Is, Izzy Izzy Izzy, boobaloo) and she's a 7 year old Tortie. She brings me joy and her warm little body against mine is surely the best napping pill ever!

I was taking an Interpersonal Communications course in college when I heard about something called a "touch quotient." In a nutshell, we all need touch but some of us require more physical touch than others do. There was a psychiatrist that was seeing a number of women who were in their 30's. All of them reported having a fulfilling career, a positive relationship with their families and healthy female friendships. But, they all reported feeling depressed; some even had severe depression. What they were lacking was a partner and because of that - skin on skin touch. Their touch quotient wasn't being met. The remedy that the psychiatrist recommended was a weekly massage... or... get a pet. This really struck me. I was 30 something. I had great friends. I was, at that time, satisfied and challenged by my career... and yet, I was depressed. I wasn't dating anyone and didn't have any real potential prospects at the time.

So... I found a local shelter and Isadora picked me out. She has been fantastic. She's been across the country, in a car (and we all know how much cats love that!), with me 8 times. During lean times while I was trying to get through school she lived with me in a room. She has been patient and loving and a true blessing in my life. I can't imagine my life without her. Thanks, Miss Is for deciding to come home with me.

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