Crawl Into My Mind

Through brightly colored strings.
Trip over the blue one and discover
That rush of freedom found on a swing;
Flying so high toes touch the pinkest clouds.
Careful to tug gently on the red one over there.
It unleashes decades old anger
And is liable to incinerate an unwary visitor.
And then there’s the orange one
That opens the door
To sweet first love delicately wrapped in gauze.
Passionate and intense,
It remembers the odes to my earlobes;
Blues songs created in my name.
And turning to see you standing there
Just as I was talking about the mere
Dimple that lights up your smile.

Twisted turning bolt holes of creativity.
This one leads
To improvising a slip of paper into a butterfly.
Over there
I’m lying pressed to the floor, struggling
To achieve the desperation of St. Joan.
Or peek into that hole
I’m auditioning at NYU;
Awaiting with eager anticipation the
Acceptance that arrived that cold May.
That hole there
May take you into dark, lustful stories
And scenes of romance yet unwritten.
Watch that one
You may end up glued to cardstock
And given away on someone’s birthday

Bumble bee ideas speed faster than a jet,
Darting and touching the petals of dreams,
Some unfilled and others discarded.
Always debating the need to land here
Versus the desire to sample over there.
Regretting the inability to experience
The entire meadow at once.

The trapdoors and false exits,
For you may become irreversibly lost
Wandering indefinitely amongst
The mushy gray matter and
Electric currents flowing over
Myelin sheaths.

But don’t be nervous.
It’s only if you dare.
The challenge is made to the brave and
So come crawl inside or
Simply pull up that chair.


*This poem was inspired by a poetry book entitled “Crawl Into My Mind.” Each author in the collection was tasked with creating a poem using that title.

Miscellaneous Me

I am the snow-capped blue of the soaring Rocky Mountains,
The flat plains dusted with wheat,
And the dry, dusty, skyscrapered city that lies between the two.
I am the daisies, violets and bluebells bordering a hiking trail.

I am beige booths in an orange and brown restaurant
Surrounded by ten laughing friends.
I am lemon wars that pucker the lips
And that leave yellow rinds on a side plate.
I am pancakes and iced tea at midnight,
The smell of clove cigarettes in a blue Toyota Corolla
And “everything you’d ever want to know about the opposite sex.”

I am “Lucky” as I drive cross the Colorado border,
 “Not a Pretty Girl” as I sing, spin and swirl in my living room.
I am “Captured Angel” on acoustic guitar at Red Rocks
With the brightly shining lights of Denver in the distance.
I am “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” over and over again.

I am musty castles and stony ruins
High on a purple Scottish hillside;
The arc of a cream stone window
At mysterious Glastonbury Abbey.
I am photographs of winding roads and graveyards.
I am King Lear and Lancelot.

I am an empty stage
Waiting for scrim, plywood and latex paint.
I am white lights filled with red, blue and green gels waiting to be focused.
I am written words waiting for a voice.

The Old Desire to Float

The old desire to float…

To where the clouds turn red
Surrendering to a cornflower field of blue
Weightless and drifting in a bed of nothingness

Above this city, hustled and noisy
Too filled and bursting with people
I fly where stress is no longer a companion
Untouched by anger and fear
I am safe and undamaged in spirit

The old desire to float…

Into a self I recognize
Where my skin isn’t so tight
And my heart beats unencumbered
With a light I’m unashamed to let shine

The River

Waist deep in an icy river
I struggle against the rushing current
The fire in my muscles burn
My breath ragged, saws at my throat and lungs
I fight to keep moving

Like greedy shackles
A fast undertow surrounds my ankles
My feet slip and I’m slapped down,
I surrender to that freezing void
Unwillingly pulled and dragged over sharp rocks

Head above water
Gagging and coughing
My feet scramble for purchase
Breathe in deep, gulping oxygen
Ripped, torn and bloody
I push
Against the current

*********ADULT POEMS BELOW********



Lurking in my dark depths,
The monster inside
Salivating with desire.
His dark need oozes from pores like sweat.
He is filled with reckless greed.
Breaking free of the rational bonds I have placed on him,
He surfaces with single-minded intent and
I’m wrapped in his arms of selfish want.

that sweet safety net,
that protective defense,
Is ripped harshly from my mind.
I am overcome.

Through his eyes I burn with longing.
I am enticed,
Lured into pure sensation.
With irrational insatiability I pursue the object of my yearning
Lost in fantasy,
I am conquered.

Surrendering, I embrace the monster inside.
Reveling in his power,
His mouth that consumes
My body.
Leaving behind
Intense, biting

The Morning After

Your scent lingers on my skin
Closing my eyes I savor the smell
The combination of us mixes into a heady perfume
Filling my senses

I don’t want to wash you away

I still feel your presence
Around me
Inside me
The melting sensation as you enter me
Over and again

It has only been hours and yet
I long for your touch
Alternating tenderness turned to roughness
Keeping me guessing
Ever wondering

I desire it
All over again

My nipples
Sore and tender from your…
Shoulders and thighs stretched
Reminding me of being open
An offering for your touch

I long to go where you lead
To surrender to your direction
To have you claim me
Possess me
Own me

Once more

As I relish the morning after

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