Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That Sense of Freedom

Yesterday morning, after tossing and turning and weighing the pros and cons of turning down a $94,000 a year salary (sooo tempting), I called the recruiter and told her that my heart lies in helping people and that I wouldn't be doing that in the position they wanted to offer me. Yes, I'm talented at teaching and training. But I'd rather use that talent to teach people about a disease process or about death and dying or how to maintain their health... not how to use a computer system.

This is the letter I'd received from her this morning. I guess they were even more impressed with my presentation than I'd originally thought.

I think it is the right decision for you- After hearing how you treat “Frank” – it showed me it is what your calling in life truly is! !I went home and told my fiancĂ© that I thought you would not go to the interview and would change your mind – I am fairly perceptive. When I called him and told him – he said you knew it.  I sensed that even if you went to the interview you would not end up taking the position. Later on, after you have been in nursing for a while you can always transition into training again – you would be a great trainer for nursing students or new nurses – compassion and respect are not always taught but shown through examples. I hope my mom finds a nurse like you when she moves to a facility!

Good luck and stay in touch!

When I hung up the phone yesterday, I felt this immediate sense of lightness, almost sense of soaring and I figured that I'd either gone into shock and had disassociated (that's a lot of frickin' money) or that's what freedom felt like.

I'm very excited to start hospice. I think I can make a difference and help people there. And I won't be making anywhere near $94,000 but at night, as I'm lying there thinking about my day, I hope that I fall asleep with a smile and sense of contentment.

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