Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventures in Air Travel

Tonight as I was flying into Denver, I was fortunate enough to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen. The sun was this burning, hot orange-ish pink that transitioned into hot pink. As it set over the mountains, it hit the gray-purple clouds over the front range, creating a halo behind the mountains. It sank behind the mountains as I thought, "I am so blessed." And I desperately wished I had a camera with me. It's an image that I hope to never forget.

*                               *                               *

And so he goes... "So... are you one of *those* that likes girls?" My loud laughter echos throughout the plane as I reply, "No, I like men."

On the trip between Chicago and Louisville, I ended up sitting next to a career (30 years) Army recruiter. He was awesome! Very funny... He started by tormenting (I couldn't hear what he said) the 3 business men across the aisle and then he turned to me and said, "I love bar-tending their conversation. They simply hate that." He was currently stationed in MN but his wife lives in AK. He was traveling to KY for some sort of training. He was simply impish... and the one that asked me if I were a lesbian when I'd told him that I'd never been married. We talked about travel and Alaska. I told him of my October 2012 trip to see polar bears (a life long dream of mine). He showed me photos of his three adult sons, his wife and his Harley.

I'd left with his business card, a poker chip and a Harley sticker; along with the comment, "You're going to get this job. I can feel it. You have the personality for it"... all gifts from my seatmate.

*                               *                               *

It's occurred to me that if I want to meet another business man (which is who I seem to be drawn to), perhaps I should hang out at the airport on week days. There seems to be a whole lot of men in business suits here. Oh and... it's not the suits, it's the leadership that draws me in.

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